AB Fence - Noise Abatement / Privacy Wall Solution

AB Fence is a mortarless concrete fence system that uses maintenance free interlocking blocks to create an attractive and effective solution for sound abatement, security and privacy issues. Unlike similar precast wall systems that are limited in esthetic values, AB Fence balances both esthetic and practical needs of all stakeholders from developers and landowners to municipalities and homeowners.

  • can be built up to 15' (4.57 m) and higher with engineering
  • use it on its own or incorporate into existing fencing solutions
  • desirable design and aesthetic components to match geographical terrain
  • dedicated technical support – engineering, design and construction
  • split-faced look on one side and striated look on the other side resulting in virtually limitless face profiles without the need of ordering special blocks
  • incorporate different color blocks to form patterns or banding within the panels and even posts
  • easily build curves and corners
  • approved for use on highway projects in British Columbia by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation
  • Expocrete’s AB Fence System approved for use on highway projects in British Columbia.

    British Columbia’s population growth coupled with increasing traffic density has resulted in the need of formal noise abatement standards to improve liveability along heavily trafficked roadways and highways. 

    AB Fence™ System is now approved for use on highway projects in British Columbia as per the Ministry of Transportation Recognized Products List.

    Panel Block

    Interlocking blocks create a strong, solid barrier that easily transfers wind and seismic loads to the post structures.

    Half Panel Block

    Allows the rows of panel blocks to be staggered without having to cut blocks

    Post Block

    The primary structural component that forms the backbone to the AB Fence System

    Corner Block

    Allows you to turn a 90 degree corner without having to
    cut 2 post blocks.

    Wall End Block

    Allows you to finish the ends of your fence.

    Cap Block

    Used to finish the top of the panels and posts.
    Coverage: 4.82 caps per lineal ft (1.47 caps per lineal m)
    Weight: 64.8 lbs (29.4 kg)