Madria™ Slab

The Madria™ Slab is available in two sizes that can be used on their own or combined for remarkable patters. The Satura technology offers subtle variations of shades that result in a rustic, whitewashed effect that results in a timeless wooden look with none of the drawbacks.

Madria™ Slab


380 x 760 x 60mm
15 x 30 x 2"

Madria Slab


570 x 570 x 60mm
22.5 x 22.5 x 2"

Madria Slab

Technical Specifications

For complete Madria™ Slab Technical Specifications, download the information sheet.

Colours - Click on Swatches

  • Madria™ Slab
Fogo Grey
Nucari Brown