Standard Masonry Units

Expocrete concrete masonry is the perfect material for all categories of construction - commercial, institutional, municipal, etc. From health care facilities and business centres to residences, retail centres and educational facilities.

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Expocrete concrete masonry is a cost effective solution which offers the ultimate in design flexibility. Expocrete concrete masonry is available in a wide variety of product sizes, face textures, and colours to complement the surrounding architecture and environment, while also addressing the need for fire, weather resistance and sound blocking capabilities.

Expocrete concrete masonry products are environment-friendly, sustainable and green as they do not deplete natural resources such as timber.

The Benefits of an Expocrete Masonry Wall System:

When you need unmatched design and quality, solid, dependable and economical walls, Expocrete Firelite and Durablock standard concrete masonry products are the ideal choice. When used in a masonry wall system they provide the following benefits:

  • Great choice of sizes and shapes - Includes: 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 cm grey block as well as imperial sizes 8" and 10". Structural and Veneer units are also available.
  • Design, quality and flexibility - build an arch, circle or change wall directions very easily.
  • Structural support including load bearing walls.
  • Fire resistance - the best fire resistance of any building materials.
  • Economic advantages - lightweight block increases job site productivity.
  • Insurance savings - reduced insurance premiums for masonry buildings.
  • Minimum maintenance which reduces building maintenance costs.
  • Resistant to sound transmission.
  • Energy saving - a total thermal break reducing heating/cooling costs.
  • Mold resistant.